Niciejewski Photography

Niciejewski Photography

Przemek Niciejewski

Football has resided in me for over 25 years, when the first time I watched (consciously) a football match in Wieluń (Poland). During this time I have seen countless number of matches, the non-league struggles in Poland or Germany and the big stadiums in Barcelona or Manchester. From the very beginning of my relationship with football I’ve been fascinated by everything that is happening around the stadiums.

The native pub, the endemic coloring, tissue of specific human personalities. So I am interested in everything that has a profound impact on how terraces look and behave during the beautiful game.

In Nottingham I met a man who hadn’t left the game of Forest more than 1500 times in a row. In Mönchegladbach someone collects match programmes of local Borussia over 40 years. There is a pub in Liverpool, close to Anfield Road , that for most of the regulars is a second home. Literally.

Memory is fleeting. I collect the tickets, write a diary, but the photography, despite its limitations, arranges the memories in the best and emotional way. I try to capture this particular “moment”. The moment an individual happiness, collective ecstasy, but also sadness, or even suffering due to the unfavorable situation on the pitch.

Football is something more than 90 minutes. For many people caught up in my photographs is the sense of life.